Before you go any further set your cruise control to slow and relaxed

PEGWORLD is a lifestyle brand born out of South Africa, embracing Durban's unique easy-going coastal lifestyle. A place where the hazy days of summer-living, seem to never end. It's a way of life that gives rise to the style that's unmistakably us. We have a large range of racing, downhill, cruising and free ride longboards, skateboards, wheels, accessories, components, protective gear and excellent, longboard, racing helmets, in cool designs.

They say you’re a product of your environment

Well that's certainly the case for us here at PEG. Our style influences are drawn from our home town’s laid-back sun, sea and sporty way of life. We started in 2009 as a single concept store, supplying skateboards, longboards, surfboards, men’s and women’s clothing and accessories to locals and tourists alike. We filter all our product styling through our local African lens creating a unique look that's true to our brand and that reflects the lifestyle we wish for everyone. That’s how we grew and that’s how we are. No matter how international our influences are, we’ll always be distinctively Durban.

Now we're global and this is our UK and European store

Our customers across Europe and the United Kingdom can order online and be guaranteed quick dispatch and fast delivery, along with our usual high standards of customer service. We have offices in London and a warehouse in England so that we can get your orders to you as quickly as possible. Please drop us a note if you need any help or advice, if you have feedback on our products or about any annoying things or bugs you come across on our website.

The PEG Team