July 10, 2016


A Pintail longboard is given its name due to its shape, ultimately a Pintail longboard is a form of skateboard. Derived from early edition skateboards this shape has stood the test of time and provides the rider with the feeling he or she is riding a retro board.

The Peg retro longboard Pintails are created with cruising and carving in mind. The slight concave in the deck keeps your feet in the centre, maximising your comfort on the move. The 5 ply bamboo allows a bit of flex which gives a smooth ride and allows the rider to generate speed through pumping.

For beginners through to advanced riders, grab a Pintail longboard and experience the stoke of retro cruising and surf inspired carving and skating. The 37” Pintail is created for the smaller and lighter riders. The 42” is recommended for the heavier and bigger riders as the extra standing platform allows more foot room. The extra room can be utilised for cross stepping and dancing on the board.

Get your complete longboard pintail with the following setup. 37″ or 42″ Pintail Longboard Deck 8” Peg reverse Kingpin Longboard trucks Peg Gnar Ball abec 7 bearings Kruiser 82a Peg Wheels : Yellow, Clear or Red 31mm Hardware 4mm Riser Pads You know what works for you and what doesn’t. The next time you go shopping for a longboard make sure that you know what items accessories to get with it.